Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fulton County Blues

Well... since none of my whopping 4 followers really followed me closely in high school, they wouldn't know that I obsess over the problems at the Fulton County Jail. The jail has been overcrowded for a long time, brutalities occur often, and to save a few bucks the government officials recently decided to contract out for guards to run the facility--which leads to even more human rights violations.

I am going to make prison reform in America my life's hobby, but until I have the time to invest in researching this disaster, I just have to stay on the look out for coverage in the media. Here's one for today:

But on the bright side the city of Atlanta has finally agreed to sell a city jail to the county AND to give them access to 4 courtrooms. I wrote about this problem in 2006. I guess the Mayor wasn't reading The Southerner. Here is the story.

This is the story I wrote in high school about the problem.